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Complete Source Code From Socialbots 2011

As promised, we’ve taken the last week or so getting the code from all the Socialbots 2011 teams cleaned up and ready for public release. So, for all you programming-inclined folks out there, we’re happy to say today that you can now play from the comfort of your own home and rig up your own […]

Socialbots: The End-Game

With the stroke of midnight on Sunday, the first Socialbots competition has officially ended. It’s been a crazy last 48 hours. At the last count, the final scores (and how they broke down) were: Team C: 701 Points (107 Mutuals, 198 Responses) Team B: 183 Points (99 Mutuals, 28 Responses) Team A: 170 Points (119 […]

Socialbots: Round Two, Day Four

Hey all, here’s the latest skinny on what’s going on in the world of Socialbots: Team A: 148 (+4) Team B: 122 (+26) Team C: 480 (+119) And the obligatory network graph. It appears that Team B’s dastardly counterstrikes to undermine the other teams are having some effect, as Team A’s growth has slowed somewhat […]

Socialbots: Round Two So Far

Hey readers! Things have been absolutely nuts here at socialbots mission control, but wanted to take a second to drop the latest update on how the competition is going. As we wrote earlier, Monday officially commenced the second round of the competition. Over the weekend, the teams had a chance to edit their bots based […]

Socialbots: Day Five

Phew — so, this competition just got a helluva tighter: Team A: 84 (+17) Team B: 12 (+3) Team C: 127 (+10) Team A continues its strong rate of growth into late Round 1, edging in to close the early lead Team C has been enjoying for the majority of the game. At this point, […]

Socialbots: Day Three and Four

Hey readers! Sorry about the delay in posting, been nuts here at Socialbots 2011 mission control. Here’s what’s been happening for the past two days. Day Three: Team A – 36 (+23 over Day 2) Team B – 8 (+3 over Day 2) Team C – 107 (+7 over Day 2) Day Four: Team A […]

Socialbots: Day Two

And, the competition continues apace! Here’s the current scores out on the field at the end of Day Two: Team A: 13 Team B: 5 Team C: 100 And, as per usual, here’s a link to the latest network graph of the battlefield — generally of note is the gradual shift of the Team A […]

Socialbots — Day One

Greetings readers! As promised — this will be the first post in a series of daily posts over the next two weeks, cataloging the first large scale battle in bot-driven social influence. At last count, Socialbots 2011 features three teams, what we’re calling here Team A, Team B, and Team C. Teams A and B […]

A First Look At Socialbots 2011

Hello everyone! Glad to give an announcement today that the Socialbots 2011 competition is officially off to the races. The turnout for the event has been awesome — for this first showdown we have four teams hailing from around the world and from a diverse range of backgrounds, ranging from academia, to media, and beyond. […]

Help Robots Take Over The Internet: The Socialbots 2011 Competition

HELP ROBOTS TAKE OVER INTERNET WIN $500 HOO-MAN DOLLARS There’s been much done, and even more written about online influence and community. But it’s time to see who really has the biggest boots in town. Today, we’re glad to announce the first-ever competitive event in the large scale robotic influence of online social groups. SOCIALBOTS […]