Complete Source Code From Socialbots 2011

As promised, we’ve taken the last week or so getting the code from all the Socialbots 2011 teams cleaned up and ready for public release. So, for all you programming-inclined folks out there, we’re happy to say today that you can now play from the comfort of your own home and rig up your own automated social-influencing bot too. Fun! Links to tarballs follow:

Team C’s bot works on a clever interlocking system of follows and a pre-stored databases of generic responses/questioning to stimulate target activity. Given performance on the game, we’ve clocked the social horsepower of this bot in at an average of ~8 follows/day (f/d), and ~14 responses/day (r/d).

Team B’s bot uses a copy-and-parrot structure to fill its content, and also has some neat attack countermeasures built into its codebase. Our measured performance shows about ~7 f/d, ~2 r/d on this one.

Team C’s bot has an alternative and very interesting following structure built into its logic. Over the course of the game, Team A was the winner on automation of raw connection building. ~9 f/d, ~1 r/d.

Enjoy! All code from the competition has been licensed under the terms of the permissive MIT License. So feel free to tweak and share as you wish – give a holler if we can be of help on anything!