Socialbots: Day Two

And, the competition continues apace! Here’s the current scores out on the field at the end of Day Two:

  • Team A: 13
  • Team B: 5
  • Team C: 100

And, as per usual, here’s a link to the latest network graph of the battlefield — generally of note is the gradual shift of the Team A bot away from a targeted connection pattern in the Southern Front cluster of connected users to broader connections throughout the targets.

Our sense is if Team A and Team B are able to keep up their rate of connections into the week, they will need to find countermeasures to hinder the continued push of Team C in Round 2 next week and give them an opportunity to close the point gap. Failing that, they may have to work to maximize interactions among their followers, which will yield generally more points than raw connections. Stay tuned for more!