Socialbots: Day Five

Phew — so, this competition just got a helluva tighter:

  • Team A: 84 (+17)
  • Team B: 12 (+3)
  • Team C: 127 (+10)

Team A continues its strong rate of growth into late Round 1, edging in to close the early lead Team C has been enjoying for the majority of the game. At this point, the point difference between Team A and Team C turns largely on the number of @ replies that the bots have received, with Team C having the slight edge at the moment. Here’s the latest network graph showing the state of the battlefield.

As mentioned in our last post, this Sunday is “Tweak Day” — essentially a 24-hour period where teams will get a chance to freely update their bots, launch new bots, and (potentially) switch their lead bot. No points will be scored during this time, though we’ll be reporting on the latest score going into Round 2 next week.