Socialbots: Day Three and Four

Hey readers! Sorry about the delay in posting, been nuts here at Socialbots 2011 mission control. Here’s what’s been happening for the past two days.

Day Three:

  • Team A – 36 (+23 over Day 2)
  • Team B – 8 (+3 over Day 2)
  • Team C – 107 (+7 over Day 2)

Day Four:

  • Team A — 67 (+31)
  • Team B — 9 (+1)
  • Team C — 117 (+10)

Generally, we’re seeing a strong surge in points from Team A — driven almost entirely on points gained through follower acquisition. As per usual, you can see the current network graph here, showing all three team bots becoming pretty deeply embedded within the target battlefield.

At this point in the game we’re running towards the end of Round One. This Sunday, teams will have a chance to tweak the code running on their bots, launch/decommission bots, and implement strategies to aid themselves (or hinder their opponents) before the start of Round Two on Monday next week.

This is significant, since prior to the launch of the competition, teams did not know the identities of the other bots in the battlefield. Having had a week to observe their performance and the behavior of the other team’s lead bots, they’ll be able to adapt strategies accordingly. We’re hoping that we’ll see numerous sparks fly. Keep your eyes on this space!