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Archiving Internet Subculture: Encyclopedia Dramatica

EDIT: Pointed out in comments that we wrote 4901 articles instead of actual total of 9401 articles. The Web Ecology Project is dedicated to the preservation of digital culture and folklore. In a recent talk about the Archive Team, Jason Scott elucidated the usual strategy that companies employ for dealing with digital artifacts, platforms, and […]

140kit Field Reports

Recently, two of our Web Ecologists (Ian Pearce and Devin Gaffney) followed up on an interesting data set that was uploaded by Sean McColgan, a digital strategist based out of London. The Web Eco team also extracted another data set from Twapper Keeper using an experimental-stage data set uploader, and came up with interesting results as to the efficacy of the ad campaign, which, in a few conversations between some Web Ecologists, clearly marked one of the first widely successful viral marketing campaigns conducted by any agency ever.

Roll Your Own Human Powered Botnet with Pawnfarm

Simulating human identities online with robots is hard. So why not just pay humans to do it for you? Pawnfarm, made in a collaboration between Web Ecology Project researchers Evan Burchard and Tim Hwang (and emerging from the various discussions at Web Ecology Camp IV) enables you to do just that. Once you have an […]


An Initial Survey by Alex Leavitt & Tim Hwang with Patrick Davison, Mike Edwards, Devin Gaffney, Sam Gilbert, Erhardt Graeff, Jennifer Jacobs, Dan Luxemburg, Kunal Patel, Mike Rugnetta, & Karina van Schaardenburg This paper represents an initial study of, conducted between February 6th and 7th, 2010 by researchers in attendance at Web Ecology Camp […]